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  • Strategy (Content, Social Media, Advertising, Budgeting)
  • Content (Persuasion Techniques, Writing, Photography, Videography)
  • Infrastructure (Websites, Email, Cybersecurity, Analytics, Automation)
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram)
  • Advertising (Facebook, Twitter, AdWords)
  • AI Tools (ChatGPT, Midjourney)
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How to Use AI for Digital Activism
Building a Digital Activism Strategy, Plan, and Budget
Digital Advertising: Fundamentals
Digital Advertising: Facebook Deep-dive
Digital Advertising: YouTube Deep-dive
Digital Advertising: AdWords Deep-dive
Persuasion Techniques for Content Creation
How to Record, Edit, and Publish Videos
Blogging for Activism
How to Take Better Photos
Building and Optimizing a Website
How to Grow Your Email List
Email Technology, Strategies, and Tactics
Search Engine Optimization: Get Found on Google
How to Grow a Social Media Audience
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