Your Digital Strategy Is Probably Broken

Our Digital Activism training will show you how to fix it.

Digital Strategies

We'll explain why almost all political digital strategies are broken and - more importantly - how to fix them.


Creating remarkable content is the fuel for any successful digital strategy. You'll learn how to create compelling blogs, visuals, videos, podcasts, etc.


We spend a lot of time explaining how to get the most out of Facebook organic pages and paid advertising campaigns.


Handing money to Google and Facebook is easy. Getting the most bang for your buck isn't.


Learn how to leverage email platforms to build and segment your audience.


Understand how to register a domain and build & maintain an effective website.

New and improved for 2020.

We are excited to announce our live training schedule for 2020, which includes brand new, updated content. We've listened to all of the feedback and rebuilt the training from the ground-up.
Here are some of the changes:

Website Essentials

We speak strongly about the importance of having a website, so we figured it would be helpful to show you how to do that!

More "How To"

The main thing we learned is that the course was heavy on theory but light on practical, "how to" content. We fixed that.

Video Emphasis

We're including more content on video. You'll learn more about creating video and leveraging it for organic and paid social media.

2020 Schedule

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"Training was well done and focused on resources readily available without the need for large sums of funding to support the online programs and apps."

"Easy to follow information and examples. Very hands on and good breakdown of what works."

"What I liked most were all of Jon’s varieties of details to wring out the last erg of vaulted value invested in the time you spent getting going."

Course Details

Digital Activism: Level One

Level One provides a bit of theory and strategy, then dives right in and walks you through setting up your infrastructure, creating content, building audiences, and advertising.

Digital Activism: Level Two

Level Two dives deep into the technology stack and will expand your knowledge of content creation and advertising.